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Don’t forget Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day -11th March 2018

Mothers Day Enamel Box 2018 - Halcyon DaysClematis Flower in Powder Blue by Celia Henderson LRPSIn our busy lives we often forget to remind our mothers how much they mean to us. This is the day and your opportunity to show your appreciation and how much you care.

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Candle - Lemongrass and Mint by Summerdown MintEver wondered how Mother’s Day came in to being?

Mothering Sunday often called Mothers’ Day is the fourth Sunday of Lent.  Historically, churchgoers in England would worship at their nearest parish or ‘daughter church’ on Sundays. In the days of domestic service this would have been the nearest church to where they were working.

 Body Wash - Lemongrass and Mint by Summerdown MintHowever, it was considered important for people to return to their home or ‘mother’ church once a year and as the fourth Sunday of Lent was traditionally given to servants and apprentices as a day off, it was often used to visit their ‘mother’ church as well as visiting their mother and family.

Enamel box by Halcyon Days - Because you are my motherClick here to discover more about the Victorian origins of the English Mothering Sunday