About The Brand/Designer

John Patrick ReynoldsJohn Patrick Reynolds

Comic book characters are a very important part of British cultural identity with DC Thomson being the most renowned publisher in Britain.

John Patrick Reynolds is the first screenprinter to gain permission from DC Thomson, to use its fabulous archive of images in his screenprints and as a result he is the first to produce screenprints of such icons as Dennis the Menace, The Beano and The Bash Street Kids and Desperate Dan which he produces as limited editions..

The artwork is all screen printed by hand using cotton, mould-made paper milled in Somerset – which is a soft paper that soaks up the ink. It is reminiscent of the old newsprint that British comics used to be printed on and it produces a greater absorbtion. As a result a high quality more intense colour is achieved in the finished print..

John has received praise from The BBC, The Observer and The Daily Express, among others for his brilliant innovative take on these old classics.
Romney Marsh WoolsRomney Marsh Wools

Romney Marsh Wools was born through a firm belief that they wanted to raise awareness of all the benefit that British wool can bring.

Natural wool has so many excellent qualities as it is renewable, sustainable and incredibly versatile. This family owned enterprise are building a legacy for  furture generations by building a sustainable landscape.

Romney Marsh Wools have produced a heritage range of beautiful luxury products which are suitable to hand down the generations.

About the sheep.....

Since before the 13th century the Romney sheep have been a familiar site on Romney Marsh. The Romney Marsh “long wool” sheep are also known as Kentish sheep and became recognised as a breed in England by 1800. Their wool is a demi-lustre of excellence and considered one of the best British wools

The softness of wool is measured in microns looking at a single fiber strand. On average a Human hair is about 100 microns, a highland sheep is around 50 microns (so quite rough and not soft to wear against the skin).
However Romney fleeces are considered to be one of the finer British Breeds at around 32 microns Romney Marsh Wool fleeces are taken to traditional weavers who hand process, then spin and weave the yarn into beautiful wool cushions and wool throws, which have a unique quality attributable to the Romney sheep wool. With some of the cream wools, other naturally coloured native yarns have been  mixed to allow for varied design, colour and texture.