A little bit of History

About Organic Trevarno

Organic Trevarno ProductsEstablished in 1998 on the beautiful Trevarno country estate in the South of Cornwall Organic Trevarno’s luxurious skincare range has been created from plants, fruits, flowers and herbs all sourced for their therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits.

Trevarno country estate celebrated gardens have been a constant source of inspiration and with traditional soap making, a long established craft that’s often found on privately owned estates, the start of a soap and skin care range seemed a natural marriage  

All the wonderful Organic Trevarno formulations continue to be designed and made by hand at the Trevarno Farm establishing this wonderful craft as part of the heritage of this country estate

Organic Trevarno Values

Organic Trevarno are the first beauty company to meet The Organic Farmers & Growers strict standards.  Gaining formal Organic Certification guaranteeing the purity of the Organic Trevarno range assures that these wonderful products are both ethical and sustainable. Organic Trevarno source the highest quality, socially just and ecologically responsible suppliers of ingredients for their skincare range meaning that you no longer need to sacrifice or compromise luxury, style or commitment to sustainability when you choose this wonderful natural skincare brand.

Certified Organic Skincare

There is no legal requirement for natural skincare products to be certified as organic. However, having them assessed by a recognised, trusted and independent third-party is  designed to bring confidence to you the customers. All of Organic Trevarno organic skincare products are officially certified by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd (OF&G) where their expertise in organic inspection and licensing is based on the EU Organic Regulation (EC834/2007) and the Nordic Eco-labelling Standards. All of Organic Trevarno’s formulations contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, all traceable to source. They support sustainable farming practices and continually seek out the best organic ingredients to produce naturally high performance products without the use of parabens, detergents, phthalates, synthetic fragrance oils or artificial colours.

Organic Trevarno Standards – Cosmetic Regulations

Current European cosmetic legislation – (EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009) – requires that all formulations are certified safe by a practising chemist or pharmacist who is registered to act in the capacity as a Qualified Person. All products must display a full list of ingredients, the product weight or volume and sufficient information for the product to be traced back to the company who made it. In addition, since July 2013 all cosmetic brands have a responsibility to notify their products onto the European Cosmetics Portal (CPNP).

Rest assured all Organic Trevarno formulations and labelling comply with this legislation.