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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day as a concept is believed to have originated in the 3rd century as a religious feast day honouring the Roman priest Saint Valentine, a martyr who performed illegal weddings – banned by the emperor Claudius in his belief a romantic attachment would stop Roman men (bachelors were considered better soldiers) in joining his army. 

Legend has it the man known as Saint Valentine donned a purple amethyst ring with an image of Cupid engraved upon it – amethyst became the birthstone of the year’s second month and so the tradition of a “lovers day” was born. For the record, St Valentine was arrested, thrown into jail and executed in 270 AD (approx). 

Gradually, 14th February became a date for exchanging cards, gifts and messages of love and Valentine’s Day is still seen as the pinnacle when it comes to declaring your love for one another. In keeping with the romance associated with the celebrations, men offering their hand in marriage most often happens on this day. 

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, or simply looking for something nice but niche, then you’ve come to the right place. All English Things is perfect when it comes to making your Valentine’s Day special.

Is your loved one forever searching for that misplaced earring – behind the sofa, under the bed, tangled in the sock drawer? If all this sounds achingly familiar then fret not: how about these jewellery dishes from our Jo Downs range: hand crafted and heart-themed to keep your treasured jewellery safe and sound at the end of the day… you’ll never need to get on your hands and knees searching for that needle in a haystack ever again. 

We can ensure your special occasion is, quite literally, sprinkled with the golden coup de grace. With these stunning 18-carat, heart-shaped and golden-tinged cufflinks, just for him. For her, this sparkly heart pendant. (yes, we know she’s got loads of jewellery already but for you girls out there, you can never have too much of the stuff, right).

Perhaps you want to touch up your forever home with a drop of love and lavender. Embrace the best of both worlds with these fragrant, heart-shaped sachets (complete with gift box) as the perfect present for those you share your life with. 

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of love, affection and romance so why not show your appreciation for that special someone in your life – for those you love, adore and cherish.

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