About The Brand/Designer

English Pewter Company

English Pewter Company LogoBased in the world famous metal manufacturing city of Sheffield the English Pewter Company have been producing luxury products since 1977,  The English Pewter Company combines contemporary and traditional styles, producing a unique blend of interesting and elegant pieces suitable for special gifts or a delightful extravagance. We are sure you will enjoy your purchases

A potted history of Pewter

The importance of pewter as a metal did not develop until the middle ages. This period, often termed as the "Golden Age of the English Yeoman", marked the transformation of the material into everyday usage . Pewter making remained a cottage industry until the 1770's when Jessop and Hankcock  from Sheffield developed a new pewter alloy consisting of 92% tin, 7.5% antimony and 1.5% copper. Significantly, it is free of lead and nickel and became known as Brittania  metal. The outcome was a light product which could be highly polished. Pewter was the most popular material for tableware until porcelain and is known as the 4th precious metal after Platinum, Gold and Silver.